Support Regeneration Research

I am an Axolotl and I regenerate body parts perfectly. The evidence says that  someday you will be able to do this as well.

It is not a question of whether, but  when we will discover how to induce regeneration. All the data indicate that the mechanisms for regeneration in a salamander have been conserved in humans. The key is to discover those mechanisms and learn how to control them for our benefit.

How long this will take depends on how much effort (researchers) is dedicated to working on this challenge, and that in turn depends on the amount of funding to support the research. You can help make regeneration happen sooner rather than later by contacting your representatives to let them know that supporting research in general, and regeneration research in particular is important to you.


For information on how to support regeneration research in the Limb Regeneration Lab at UCI, please contact Dr. David Gardiner (