Dr. Susan Bryant Awarded 2010 UCI Medal

Internationally acclaimed scientist Susan V. Bryant retired from her position of Vice Chancellor of research at UCI in June 2010. Her longtime service as a teacher, researcher, administrator and leader has  been a  driving force on a wide range of important initiatives, from  stem cell  research to advancing gender diversity in the sciences. Most  recently, in her four years as vice chancellor, she guided the campus through significant increases in government and private support for research and scholarship; streamlined and reorganized the Office of Research to better meet the campus’s changing needs; strengthened campus research centers; and oversaw initiatives designed to facilitate technology transfer.

Bryant served as Dean of Biological Sciences from 2000 to 2006.  Since joining the UCI faculty in 1969, she  also has held numerous other  administrative positions, including interim  dean of biological  sciences, assistant vice chancellor for plans and  programs, chair of  developmental and cell biology, and program director  of the National  Science Foundation developmental biology program. Her  honors include  being an elected Fellow of the American Association for  the Advancement  of Science, and of the Association for Women in  Science. She serves as  a member of the Independent Citizens’ Oversight  Committee for the  California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, and of  the California  Council on Science and Technology.

Bryant is a  leading expert in the study of limb regeneration. Her  research, which  has resulted in more than 100 publications, has focused  on the  fundamental rules of regeneration and may one day lead to new  approaches  and therapies for replacing and repairing lost, damaged or  diseased  parts of the human body.